ExpressJet Holds Open House Events in ATL and IAH

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Each year, we host an Open House where we invite future pilots, students and aviation enthusiasts to our Atlanta and Houston facilities to provide them with an inside look into life at ExpressJet. During this event, attendees have the opportunity to go on a behind-the-scenes tour, talk with pilot recruiters, learn about financial aid opportunities, interact with local flight schools, attend workshops and listen to testimonials from former ExpressJet pilots who have transitioned to the majors.

Though this is an annual event, this year was extra special as we held our first ever “Flight Experience” at our Atlanta Open House where we took attendees on a quick flight on our branded CRJ200 aircraft. We also raffled off the jumpseat for both takeoff and landing, in addition to raffling off four $25 gift cards. As participants boarded and de-boarded the plane, we gave them a VIP “red carpet treatment” to complement the superstars they are!

Overall, both Open House events were total successes. Attendees and organizers alike had a great time and also assisted in making this year one for the books.

Well folks, that’s all for 2017. See you all next year!

Check out a few photos below. Also head over to our Facebook page for a complete photo album of our Atlanta and Houston events.

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AP3 Summer Camp Recap

AP3 Camp Stats-01

Our Airline Pilot Pathway Program (AP3) Camp has officially concluded today! The inaugural camp was developed as an effort to continue to educate, engage and empower future aviators across the country during the summer months when school is out of session. This aviation summer camp was tailored to students within our AP3 program that were senior level students or certified flight instructors.

Students applied by submitting an application, resume and letter of reference, and were chosen for a spot in the all-expenses-paid, three-day camp. AP3 Camp provided an opportunity for student pilots to explore, grow, develop new skills and form lasting relationships in a friendly, career-focused environment.

We hosted multiple sessions in both our Atlanta and Houston facilities in June, July and August. In total we had 42 students join us from 21 flight schools and universities across the country. Students attended from the following schools:

  • Aerosim Flight Academy
  • Auburn University
  • Aviator College
  • Bridgewater State University
  • Central Washington University
  • Delaware State University
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Falcon Aviation Academy
  • Henderson State University
  • Jacksonville University
  • Kansas State University , Salina
  • Kent State University
  • Liberty University
  • Louisiana Tech University
  • Middle Georgia State University
  • Middle Tennessee State University
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Utah Valley University
  • University of Dubuque
  • University of North Dakota
  • Western Michigan University

Campers participated in a number of fun and nurturing activities. Here are a few of the camp activities they got to participate in:

  • Behind-the-scenes tour of ExpressJet’s facilities including our airport crew lounge, Flight Ops training center, maintenance hangar and Operation Support Center (Atlanta)
  • Tour of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
  • Attend Delta Flight Museum (Atlanta) and 1940 Air Terminal Museum (Houston)
  • Meet with ExpressJet leadership
  • Sessions in our flight simulators
  • Pilot shadow experience
  • Professional development opportunities (headshots, mock interviews, resume critiques)
  • Aviation Think Tank (campers present ideas to solve industry concerns)
  • Bonding activities including Keemah Boardwalk, Painted Pin and Top Golf
  • First officer interviews for eligible candidates

Check out some of the amazing moments from the camp below.

AP3 Camp 7 AP3 Camp 6 AP3 Camp 5 AP3 Camp 4 AP3 Camp 3 AP3 Camp 2 AP3 Camp 1 AP3 Camp 8


AP3 Camp 9IMG_0608

ExpressJet’s Open Houses share the airline experience

07-17 ATL Open House-1

More than 400 visitors attended our Houston and Atlanta Open Houses  to get a behind-the-scenes look at ExpressJet Airlines. Attendees toured our facilities, met with recruiters, flight schools, our chief pilots and United First Officer Afton, piloted a takeoff and landing in our flight simulators, and learned about ExpressJet and the airline industry straight from the professionals.

“I had a very good day today. I met so many pilots and all of them shared some good advice on how I can reach my goal of becoming a pilot. I also got a chance to fly a professional flight simulator!” said attendee DeJion E.

Attendees took off and landed in our on-site flight simulator used to train ExpressJet pilots and met with our chief pilots, recruiters and EPIC Ambassadors. Current and future airline pilots also talked with United Airlines First Officer Afton to learn first-hand about the progression from a top regional like ExpressJet to a major.  Several flight schools were in attendance to meet with students about available aviation programs and flight training. The event also featured a tour of our facilities and allowed visitors to learn the many different areas that go into operating a successful airline, including the Maintenance hangar, Operations Control Center, training classrooms and engine shop.

If you didn’t make it out this time, keep an eye out for future Open Houses in Atlanta and Houston – you won’t want to miss it!

07-10 IAH Pilot Recruiting-2-1-207-10 IAH Pilot Recruiting-2-1

07-10 IAH Pilot Recruiting-2-407-10 IAH Pilot Recruiting-2-3-2

Houston open house107-10 IAH Pilot Recruiting-2-2

07-17 ATL Open House-2307-17 ATL Open House-5

07-17 ATL Open House-2707-17 ATL Open House-32

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