ExpressJet offers CJOs $1,000 referral bonus



We are excited to announce that we are now offering our $1,000 post-tax pilot referral bonus to AP3 and PSP students! All students enrolled in our Airline Pilot Pathway Program (AP3) or our new Preferred School Program (PSP) who have completed testing and earned a conditional job offer (CJO) are eligible.

Here’s how it works:

  • You (a CJO) recommend ExpressJet to a pilot
  • That pilot lists you as their referrer in their interview and first day at ExpressJet
  • Once the referred pilot successfully completes training, $1,000 is put into a “bank” under your name
  • When you (the CJO) complete training at ExpressJet, you will receive all banked referral bonuses

There is no limit to the number of referrals a student can make, and all referral bonuses are worth $1,000 each with no additional tax taken out. That means that if you recommend 10 pilots who all successfully complete ExpressJet’s training, you’ll receive a check for $10,000 once you’re here! That’s it. There’s no catch!

What is a CJO?
A CJO is an AP3 or PSP student who has completed testing and has been given a conditional job offer (CJO) for a first officer position at ExpressJet. A CJO is an opportunity, not a commitment, to work for ExpressJet upon reaching ATP required hours (minus those you’ll earn in training!).

How can I get a CJO?
Students must be enrolled in AP3 or PSP at a partner school and have their instrument rating to complete AP3/PSP testing (our early interview). Upon successful completion of the testing, you’ll be offered a guaranteed position as a first officer at ExpressJet pending completion of all other requirements (including earning your hours, serving as a CFI and maintaining a clean record). To see if your school has an AP3/PSP partnership, visit and Contact Captain Joey Cook ( with questions.

What do I have to do to recommend a pilot?
If you have a friend, family member, instructor or other pilot you’re close with and you recommend ExpressJet to them, we want to thank you with a $1,000 bonus. Once you’ve told that pilot about ExpressJet and they apply and interview, ask them to share your name at the interview as the referrer. The applicant will also have to share your name as the referrer during new hire orientation – their first day at ExpressJet.

When do I get the bonus?
All referral bonuses you earn will be put into a bank with your name for when you start at ExpressJet. Once you successfully complete training, you’ll be issued a check for every referral bonus you’ve earned. There is no limit on the number of referral bonuses you can earn! Refer 10 pilots, get $10,000.

Can I refer myself?
While we appreciate your ingenuity in trying to earn extra cash, no, you cannot refer yourself.

Can the person I refer then refer me?
Yep! That is one we do allow. If you refer John Doe while you’re still in school, you’ll earn a $1,000 bonus when you start for that referral. When you start at ExpressJet, John Doe can refer you and earn the bonus for himself!

What if I refer someone but don’t come to fly for ExpressJet?
If you choose not to fly for ExpressJet or you do not successfully complete training, you will forfeit any accumulated referral bonuses.

ExpressJet Offers Jobs to Seven Polk State Aerospace Students

Our friends at Polk State College wrote this great article about our first seven AP3 students who received conditional job offers to join ExpressJet after finishing their training. You can read the original article here.

From left, ExpressJet First Officer Dano Pebler, Captain Joey Cook, Polk State Aerospace students Aaron Poidevin, Eric Martin, John Reichert, Nathan Calhoun, ExpressJet First Officer Peter Ryan, and First Officer Jack Eastes. A total of seven Polk State Aerospace students were extended conditional job offers during ExpressJet's first hiring visit to the College last week.
From left, ExpressJet First Officer Dano Pebler, ExpressJet Captain Joey Cook, Polk State Aerospace students Aaron Poidevin, Eric Martin, John Reichert, Nathan Calhoun, ExpressJet First Officer Peter Ryan, and First Officer Jack Eastes. A total of seven Polk State Aerospace students were extended conditional job offers during ExpressJet’s first hiring visit to the College last week.

Seven Polk State Aerospace students now know where they will land after graduation: in jobs with ExpressJet, one of the world’s largest regional airlines.

“It’s a relief. Two years ago, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Now I’m about to have a degree, and I have a job waiting for me when I’m done. It’s an awesome feeling,” said John Reichert, a Lakeland resident pursuing his Associate in Science in Professional Pilot Science degree.

In fall 2015, Polk State College partnered with ExpressJet to become one of about 50 colleges and universities in the nation participating in ExpressJet’s Airline Pilot Pathway Program, or AP3 for short. AP3 extends numerous benefits to students, including preferential hiring benefits.

Last week, ExpressJet made its first hiring visit to Polk State. All seven students who applied to the airline received conditional job offers.

ExpressJet First Officer and Pilot Recruiter Peter Ryan said he could not have been more impressed with the way Polk State students performed during the interview process.

“To be quite honest, the word exceptional comes to mind. The students did a fantastic job and the staff was immediately asking for feedback, which shows they care about the quality of the students. That’s why we’re so happy to be partnering with Polk State,” Ryan said.

In all of 2015, 54 students nationwide were extended job offers through AP3.

“I couldn’t speak any more highly of Polk State’s program. We partner with schools 10 times the size of Polk State, and we don’t get seven interviews, let alone seven for seven being hired,” Ryan said.

Ryan added that Polk State students are particularly knowledgeable in safety issues.

The seven students must first accumulate 1,500 flight hours. Then they will enter ExpressJet’s new-hire training. Upon completion of that training, they will begin their careers as first officers, also known as co-pilots. Ryan said the natural progression is for co-pilots to become captains with ExpressJet, and for captains to move on to positions with major carriers.

“We’re seeing all the work we’ve been doing start to pay off,” said Aaron Poidevin, a Plant City resident who will graduate with hisBachelor of Science in Aerospace Sciences this fall. “It’s a great feeling. It gives you a goal to work toward.”

In addition to Reichert and Poidevin, students receiving conditional job offers include:

  • Nathan Calhoun of Lake Wales
  • Dillon Kraushaar of Lakeland
  • Eric Martin of Valrico
  • Matthew Pickett of Winter Haven
  • Tyler Rahman of Lakeland

Polk State Aerospace Program Director Eric Crump expressed his pride in seeing each of the first student-applicants be hired by ExpressJet.

“We thoughtfully entered into a partnership with ExpressJet last semester because we were really impressed with their company, their people, and their culture. Our students wanted to be a part of that, and now seven of them are already on their way,” he said.

“We work hard to build aerospace professionals. We offer relevant classroom and flight instruction based on industry input from innovative companies, including ExpressJet. It thrills me to see that training validated with jobs for our students, especially when it’s 100 percent of our students who apply.”


Polk State Aerospace offers the Associate of Science in Professional Pilot Science, the Associate of Science in Aerospace Administration, and the Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Sciences, which has concentrations in both Pilot Science and Administration.

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