“I just wanted to compliment your flight attendant … It is rare to find someone looking to make the experience of the passenger actually fun, and he did just that. It was a short flight, but he took the time to chat with most passengers and just basically make the trip more enjoyable for all.”

“I just wanted to send a very sincere thank you to [your] mechanic for returning my bracelet to me so promptly. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that he was willing to go to the lengths he did in order to retrieve my bracelet. In a time when good customer service is hard to find, I have to say that Atlantic Southeast Airlines is a shining example of what exemplary customer service means.”

“The crew on this flight was superb. The flight attendant was well-informed and personable, and the pilots were great. We were sitting on the runway in ATL for longer than usual…The captain came out and talked to the passengers and put us at ease regarding the whole situation.”

“We write this letter with greatest of compliments with regard to your Customer Relations Specialist for her superior customer service and resolutions to problems. We have to praise her for her outstanding, caring, efficient, expeditious and dedicated work.”

“[The] Captain truly displays the level of customer service that passengers yearn for. Before we left, he came out, introduced himself, walked the cabin, shook some hands and it was very apparent that he loves his job and his passengers. He was awesome, and I can only hope to fly with him again.”

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