Before the days of liquid carry on bans by the Transportation Security Administration, my mom would load up her oversized green vinyl vanity bag with all the shampoo, lotion, sunscreen and toothpaste our family could possibly need for summer vacation. The process generally started at the local discount store, buying each item based on what offered the most bang for the buck (think shampoo with the “25 percent more free!” sticker). Once the family bag was stocked, which generally didn’t happen until the morning of the flight after we had finished using our 64 ounce bottle of conditioner, it weighed as much as a toddler and could provision an entire army platoon.

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In 2008 Atlantic Southeast launched our Lasting Impressions For Tomorrow (LIFT) employee volunteer program. I’m part of the employee-based board that helps guide how LIFT gives back to our communities. Although we’ve partnered with various non-profit entities throughout our history, it wasn’t until LIFT that Atlantic Southeast had an organized program through which employees could give back, through volunteerism, to the communities where we work.

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Gone are the days that air travel is gushed over as glamorous. I know that. But just because it’s not viewed through rose-colored glasses doesn’t mean that flying has to land at the other end of the experience spectrum.

I know that no matter what part of the company I work in, I’m part of something bigger than what I do as an individual; all Atlantic Southeast people play a critical role in connecting you to the people and places that matter most in your life. And we’re not only empowered to make a difference in the customer experience at our point of contact, but we have a strong customer commitment strategy that helps guide our operational decisions when things don’t quite go as planned.

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“During my flight, the passenger next to me suddenly became very ill… the flight attendants provided immediate and effective help…The pilots radioed ahead for paramedics. When we touched down, the entire crew stayed with the passenger and made sure she was alright to proceed with her ground transportation…This crew was extremely well-trained and highly professional.”

“The flight attendants [on our flight] are to be commended for their professionalism. They went out of their way to handle stressful situations with a positive attitude…They are two of the best flight attendants we have flown with. Safety, control and a positive attitude made for a pleasant experience…We appreciate their hard work and devotion to their work and passengers.”

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