It was a big news day at ExpressJet – we announced the addition of brand new Embraer E175-SC aircraft to our fleet and the sale of our company!


New E175s

Thanks to our proven track record as a top-performing and efficient flying partner, United Airlines awarded ExpressJet flying for 25 brand new Embraer E175-SC aircraft to fly for United Express. The E175-SC, which stands for Special Configuration, is a 70-seat configuration of the popular E175. Essentially, the same aircraft with a different seating arrangement.

We’ll start accepting deliveries in spring 2019 and should have the first passenger flights in the air by mid-summer. We’re still working through the flying network and base plan with United. Stay tuned for those details!

The E175-SCs are in addition to our 100+ E145s and 20 CRJ200s flying for United Express. Also worth noting, the 25 new E175-SCs we were awarded will replace other, older CRJ700 aircraft flying in the United Express system by other carriers.

New Ownership

We also announced the sale of ExpressJet to ManaAir, LLC, a company in which United Airlines will take a minority interest. The sale is expected to be complete in early 2019, at which point ExpressJet will become an independent company. As part of the agreement and, as previously shared with our team, we’ll transition to flying exclusively for United Express in early 2019.

The year ahead is shaping up to be an exciting one! We’ll update you with the latest details as we have them.

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