Hello everyone, and once again welcome back to my flight school blogs! I just finished up my crew cross country portion of flight school. It was a lot of fun, and I am excited to tell you all about my adventures!

For those who are unfamiliar with the crew portion of ATP’s training, this is when two instrument rated students fly Cessnas or Seminoles spending on which program you are enrolled in to various ATP locations around the country. Sometimes students fly planes that are in need of their hundred hour or annual inspections, and planes that may need to be relocated. In my case, the Cessna we flew our first day was approaching its hundred hour inspection which had to be completed to be all the way down in Jacksonville, Florida!


LC 4


My crew partner and I flew a lot our first day. We began at our home airport, DuPage and flew all the way down to Meridian, Mississippi. We made a quick stop for gas and lunch in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I thought I was tired after a day of flying as a flight attendant….I was exhausted after eight hours of flying a Cessna!


LC 3


We spent six days on crew and flew all around Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Missouri, and then eventually made our way back to Illinois. We stopped in a lot of great cities, and I felt as if I was back to work again! Due to weather, we were stuck in Jacksonville, Florida a few days and took advantage of being so close to the beach. It was nice to take a much needed break from studying! One of my favorite experiences was landing at airports I have flown into as a flight attendant. We flew into Pensacola, Florida and also Savannah, Georgia. I had a lot of fun listening to the airline crews on the radio frequencies. It was a great learning experience landing at larger airports, and I feel a lot more confident in my flying.


LC 2


Now that I have finished crew, I am preparing to fly the Piper Seminole. I have almost 170 flight hours and have been busy studying the Seminole’s systems and trying to learn as much as I can before my checkride. I am given eight hours of simulator and flight time before my checkride. I have a lot of work and studying to do, as my exam will be very soon! I am also trying to prepare for my commercial written exam, which has to be done soon as well. I have a short time left in the program, and these next few weeks are going to go by very quickly! I am very excited for what the next few weeks will have in store!

  • David Edwards

    Dear Linnea,

    Thank you so much for sharing your ATP and Flying Experiences!

    Best Regards,

  • Rick Williams

    Linnea, I am interested in ATP in Chicago when I retire from the fire dept here in Florida. Are you able to be a CFI in the Chicago area? Or do you have to go somewhere else to do that?

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