What a crazy few weeks at ATP!! I am now a multi engine rated pilot!

I successfully passed my private multi engine check ride November 27th. I am extremely proud of myself, as I had eight flight hours in the Piper Seminole before going to the check ride where I had almost forty flight hours in the Cessna for my Private Pilot exam. Most of my studying was making sure I knew the plane’s systems inside and out, and how the airplane operated with a single engine. I spent a lot of hours in ground school and the flight simulator to make sure I was ready for my exam.


Once again, I was extremely nervous for my check ride, but ended up doing very well. My weeks and hours of studying and with the help from my CFI, Paul Zapotoczny who made me once again over prepared for the check ride.

We left to fly to Gary, Indiana for the exam early in the morning so I could practice a few flight maneuvers. Before my test I had not flown the Seminole in ten days because of weather. I was pleasantly surprised when I finished my maneuvers I was still flying the plane well and remembered everything. The hours spent in the simulator paid off!


My check ride went very well, and I am very proud of myself. I am now focusing on completing my commercial written exam, and have began my commercial multi engine flight training. I also received my CFI class date, and will be hopefully attending flight instructor school December 11th in Atlanta, Georgia. Before CFI school I have to complete three written exams and two more check rides. I still have a lot of work to do between then, so stay tuned for my next blog! I am hoping to be a multi engine commercial pilot!

  • David Edwards

    Congratulations Linnea on your PMEL!!

  • Stephen Rocha

    Congratulations! You’re just flying through the courses! No pun intended…actually very much intended.

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