Well everyone, another check ride is in the books! I can officially fly in the clouds; I passed my instrument check ride this past Monday! It feels amazing to have this rating under my belt.

I moved very quickly through the instrument phase of the program. I earned my private license August 15th, and my instrument rating October 9th. Because I was moving so fast, I spent A LOT of time studying.  My instructor, Maks Surowka, also spent quite a bit of time teaching me everything I needed to know for my checkride. When I was not flying or in the simulator, we were busy with ground school to make sure I was one hundred percent ready for the big day. We studied how to read approach plates, how to read numerous weather charts (I now feel as if I can give the weather forecast for the news channels!) and everything else there is to know about instrument flying.

Linnea 8.1

Now after completing my second checkride, I feel as if you never feel prepared when it comes to the day of your checkride even though you are always ready to go! I don’t think “nervous” can fully describe how I felt Monday morning! I knew I had all of the information I needed to do well, but I was still so nervous! Once again, I was awake at four o’clock in the morning to prepare for my exam. I had to plan a cross country IFR flight, prepare the weather, and make sure my paperwork was all correct before starting the exam. As I had for my private pilot checkride, I had an oral exam before the flight, both of which went very well! I was once again over-prepared and felt very confident in myself when I got over the nerves! My hours of studying and practice flights really paid off, and I am still so proud of myself for successfully passing the instrument rating checkride.

Linnea 8.2

The hard work did not stop after passing my instrument checkride, as a few hours after I completed my crew cross country ground and flight simulator evaluations. The following day, I completed my crew cross country flight. I flew from DuPage to Lansing, Michigan with an instructor. The crew cross country portion of my training consists of myself and another student who passed their instrument check ride. We will be flying Cessnas to different ATP locations around the country. I can not wait to begin this portion of training, and will be starting within the next day or so. It will be a blast to fly outside of Illinois, and have that feeling of being an airline pilot!

As always, thank you again to everyone for your support and encouraging words! I am still on cloud nine after passing my instrument checkride. My next blog will be a lot of fun to write, as I plan on documenting my experience on my crew cross country flights! I plan on continuing to work hard, and hope to finish my commercial written exam by the time I am finished with crew. Stay tuned to read about my adventures flying around the States!

  • Louis Zamudio

    are these cross country flights with another student part of the program so that you can build the time to 250hrs for your commercial? sounds like fun.. congrats

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