In our new series, “From Cabin to Cockpit: My Adventures in Flight Training,” we follow flight attendant Linnea Couture in her journey to becoming a commercial pilot. Read on for Linnea’s first entry, and be on the lookout for regular updates on her progress!


My name is Linnea Couture. I am currently a flight attendant for ExpressJet and also a student pilot through the ATP Flight School. I have been working with XJT for about ten months. Three weeks ago I began my journey from being a flight attendant to a commercial pilot, and I cannot wait to share my adventure with all of you!

I have always wanted to become a pilot. When I was a child, my father took me to O’Hare and we would watch the planes inside the terminals and listen to ATC on his scanner all day long. I even dressed up as a pilot for Halloween (of course I went to the airport in my costume) and have always dreamed of someday working as a pilot out of O’Hare. My younger brother is currently a student at the University of North Dakota studying commercial aviation so I would say I definitely have that “flying bug.”


My dream partially came true when I began working as a flight attendant with ExpressJet. I loved my job, but always felt like I was missing a piece to a puzzle. I was constantly asking the pilots during trips how they got their ratings and where they went to school. My crews recommended going through the ATP Flight School and guided me each step of the way; on trips, my crews even quizzed me over the information I would have to learn as a private pilot!

I have now been enrolled at ATP Flight School in DuPage, IL for about three weeks. I can not believe how much I have learned in this short time! I have just about twenty flight hours and over thirty landings logged in my book (I wish I could tell you all of those landings were smooth)! I am talking to ATC, and am trying to make more call-outs during the flights. There is a lot going on, and a lot to remember to do in that little plane! I am currently finishing my first phase of takeoffs, landings and flight maneuvers; stalls, steep turns and slow flight. I will be soloing before I know it at the pace I am going!

I have amazing support from my family, a great flight instructor and classmates, and even still have ExpressJet crews I have flown with checking up on me! I am very excited for this journey to the front seat, and hope you all are in for a great ride!!

  • Andrew Arnold

    You finally got that first flight in hey…If I remember correctly it kept getting pushed because of weather. Good luck to you and have fun!

    • Linnea Ebba

      Yes!! We were flying together when I couldn’t get my intro in! A lot has happened since then! Thank you!!

  • Courtney Madden

    This a great, Linnea! I can’t wait to follow along this journey with you.

    • Linnea Ebba

      Thank you!! I’m very excited!

  • Beverly Bowers

    I wish you lots of Luck, it will be great to read your journey…wife of Express Jet Captain

    • Linnea Ebba

      Thank you very much!

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