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Each year, we host an Open House where we invite future pilots, students and aviation enthusiasts to our Atlanta and Houston facilities to provide them with an inside look into life at ExpressJet. During this event, attendees have the opportunity to go on a behind-the-scenes tour, talk with pilot recruiters, learn about financial aid opportunities, interact with local flight schools, attend workshops and listen to testimonials from former ExpressJet pilots who have transitioned to the majors.

Though this is an annual event, this year was extra special as we held our first ever “Flight Experience” at our Atlanta Open House where we took attendees on a quick flight on our branded CRJ200 aircraft. We also raffled off the jumpseat for both takeoff and landing, in addition to raffling off four $25 gift cards. As participants boarded and de-boarded the plane, we gave them a VIP “red carpet treatment” to complement the superstars they are!

Overall, both Open House events were total successes. Attendees and organizers alike had a great time and also assisted in making this year one for the books.

Well folks, that’s all for 2017. See you all next year!

Check out a few photos below. Also head over to our Facebook page for a complete photo album of our Atlanta and Houston events.

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