Immediately after completing training you will be propelled into the aviation world of “crew life”. As a new first officer you will be accompanied by a captain and flight attendants who might use crew jargon. We want you to be prepared to jump right into the conversation with them. Below are a few of the terms you’ll hear from your crew:

Nap: Occurs when a pilot leaves their designated hub late at night to arrive to their destination early in the morning. Upon arrival to their destination they have 3-4 hours at the hotel to rest and then immediately following fly back to their hub. CRJ pilots commonly refer this as a nap however ERJ pilots tend to call these “standups”.

Severe Weather Avoidance Plan (SWAP): When severe weather disrupts air traffic near a hub an airline will declare SWAP, which develops a strategy to manage the severe weather event while maintaining the daily operations of the airline. SWAP will hold the airline to a different set of rules when it comes to rescheduling, canceling flights, and other avenues of maintaining the safety of both passengers and crew during extreme weather conditions.

IROP (Irregular Operation): This occurs when a flight fails for any reason to operate on schedule is cancelled, or has a change of equipment which cannot accommodate all confirmed passengers boarded the aircraft during the check-in process.

Time-Out: Crews are limited to the amount of duty time they are legally able to complete each day due to FAA regulations and union contractual agreements. This period of time ensures that crews are able to get the mandatory rest they need in order to safely operate their next scheduled flight.

We want to help you make the smart choice for your future by providing you with the information you need to know. If you have any questions about our crew life or work rules, visit In the upcoming weeks, we will be bringing you more aviation vocab terms.

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