Bill Schumacher and Lily

Not only does Bill Schumacher guarantee the safety and comfort of his two-legged passengers as a flight attendant, but he also ensures the well-being of his furry four-legged companions as well.

Serving as a flight attendant for ExpressJet Airlines means your life can be spontaneous, but Bill Schumacher amplified the spontaneity level when he decided to become an ambassador for Cairn Rescue USA (CRUSA). CRUSA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to shelter, foster and find permanent homes for the Cairn Terrier dog breed. As a volunteer ambassador, Bill is responsible for transporting and accompanying Cairn Terriers as they meet their new owners.

“The decision to do this work was easy,” said Bill. “After meeting a friend’s Cairn Terrier, I instantly fell in love with the breed. They’re feisty, fun and absolutely faithful to their owners. Stubborn, too!”

While volunteering for CRUSA, Bill decided to foster Rosie, a Cairn Terrier in Nashville who was living in a home with “one too many dogs.” Bill drove to Nashville from Atlanta to pick up Rosie which he would foster  until she found herself a new “forever” home. Rosie found a permanent home quickly…with Bill.

“I flunked the foster dad test in short order, and had to have her for my very own,” he said.

He adopted Rosie in 2010. It’s been a total love affair ever since.

Caring for Rosie has given Bill hands-on experience working with this particular breed of dogs. The experience has served him greatly and since his own pet adoption, he has delivered over 30 Cairn Terriers through CRUSA to loving foster homes and forever homes all over the country for the last 5 years.

“It can be very stressful as it’s difficult transporting a dog using any transportation method,” Bill explained, “especially when the animal has to ‘do its business.’”

He continued, “The extra work and the challenges are worth it. Seeing the faces on our CRUSA foster parents and recipients of Cairns to permanent homes makes all the extra work and stress well worth the effort.”

CRUSA was only the beginning of Bill’s involvement with pet adoptions. He recently started his own non-profit organization called “PuppyLove.” Puppy Love’s mission is to network with others who would like to donate their time transporting dogs not only for Cairn Rescue USA, but also for other rescue groups in need of transports. PuppyLove will be the clearing house for the transport of small dogs from numerous rescue groups needing assistance, particularly in moving adopted dogs to their new loving homes.

If you’re interested in becoming involved with CRUSA or PuppyLove, please go to or send an email to for more information.

In the photos: Bill with some of the dogs he’s brought to new homes and families

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