When Cody Thomas, director – Crew Support, challenged his team to achieve ambitious goals, he promised the ultimate prize in return: shaving his head. Cody is now sporting a Mr. Clean look, and motivation never looked so good!

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Cody Thomas took over our Crew Support department just over a year ago, at the tail end of one of the most challenging winters to date. Through a number of training initiatives, process changes and a continuous feedback loop, the department made great strides in 2014 to improve customer service and performance.

In November 2014, with another winter looming, Cody challenged his team to achieve even more ambitious goals. As motivation to work together to meet the challenge, Cody promised he would shave his head if the team met the goals.

“Cody is truly an involved leader. He walks the floor, listens to feedback and keeps us updated on the department and the company,” said Michael B., flight crew scheduler. “The challenge Cody is going to fulfill this afternoon is just another example of how he is there for us. At the end of the day, I feel pride in my job, my leadership and my company.”

Our Crew Support team achieved record performance numbers this winter and the time has come for Cody to pay up.

“Everything we do as leaders is to support our people,” said Cody. “I am so proud of everything my team has accomplished. I believe that actions speak louder than words. For better or worse, I will do whatever my team needs to be successful. Now let the shaving begin!”

Crew Support team members gathered on the 4th floor of A-Tech Friday for the ceremonial head shaving. With handmade signs supporting Cody’s ultimate motivator, the team cheered as Crew Scheduling Managers Michelle and Brad, took clippers to Cody’s once-dark locks.

“Cody leads by example, cares for his team and would be the first to say that the best is yet to come,” said Brad Sheehan, vice president – Flight Operations. “He knows the importance of culture, and a significant part of that is having fun. Shaving his head tells you three things: this team is incredibly capable and keeps getting better, Cody does what he says he will, and although it’s hard work, you should still have fun doing it. And let’s be honest, it’s not that much hair…”

Introducing the new, improved (?), Director of Crew Support: Mr. Clean! Oops…Cody Thomas!!
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